When I'm not shooting weddings, you can find me curled up on the couch in my comfiest "comfy pants" (seriously the best part of any day!) binge watching Netflix with my husband, Chris, and our two pups, Molly & Seamus.  We're more than likely watching a documentary series or an episode of Star Wars.  Breakfast is my favorite food and I can eat it any time of the day.  Ron Swanson said it best - "There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food".  Check me (and my husband) out on the podcast Trivial Warfare.


When I'm not working with my awesome sister or writing on our blog, I can be found cuddling my adorable pup, Ellie, while watching a BBC show or movie on Netflix.  I'm also usually crocheting or doing something creative.  I just bought my first house, and am thoroughly enjoying decorating and learning lessons.  I love to travel and explore new places and even started a little blog to document my adventures.  Check out my hosting skills on the trivia podcast Triviality.


Do you also love comfy pants, breakfast foods, British TV or Star Wars??

what we love about weddings

We think of photographing a wedding as a telling a story.  A story made up of tiny moments that happen all throughout the day. Those moments are what we love about shooting a wedding.  Here are some other things we love:

  • lots & lots of details (bring on the ring shots!)
  • personal touches
  • first looks (if you're on the fence - ask us why you should consider it, our answer might be different than you think!)
  • first looks with fathers
  • private residences
  • venues with great architecture
  • fun, laid back wedding parties
  • golden hour (that lovely hour of light at sunset)
  • extra time for portraits
  • getting ready rooms with lots of natural light
  • destination weddings! (did we mention we like to travel?!)

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