Vendor Interview Series | Wedding Invitations | Basic Invite

Jessica here!  I'm so excited to announce that we are starting a vendor interview series!  We will be adding this into our weekly wedding planning posts.  This week we are interviewing Katie with Basic Invite and getting the low down on the timeline and process for ordering wedding invitations.  They sent us a few samples as well and we took a some photos of our favorites :)  Check out our interview with Katie below!

This one is so timeless and classic!  

This one is so timeless and classic!  

This one has an amazing texture!  It's soft and the gold is embossed.  So pretty!

This one has an amazing texture!  It's soft and the gold is embossed.  So pretty!

We loved the gold on this one and the corner details.  

We loved the gold on this one and the corner details.  

And now we'll let Katie do the talking :)

What are the biggest trends you see in wedding invitation suites for 2017?

Florals and watercolor designs are both trending like crazy right now! Brides seem to be keeping things light, simple, and pretty. The femininity of floral designs and the simple translucent design that watercolor creates seems to be what our brides are currently looking for. We have tons of botanical invitation designs to suite any taste - natural greenery, muted vintage florals, and more!

Foil designs are another trend that started in 2016, but will certainly continue through this year. We have gold and silver foil designs which can be flat or raised for a unique and classic look. 

What are the basics that every bride should be including in their invitation suite?

  • Wedding Invitation
  • RSVP Card
  • Accommodation Card
  • Registry Card
  • Reception Card
  • Direction Card

Our pocket invitations are made to accommodate one wedding invitation and up to five enclosure cards. We suggest the wedding invitation along with the rsvp card, accommodation card, registry card, reception card, and direction card.

Sometimes brides will include their registry information on the wedding invitation itself and go with less enclosure cards. We also see brides including their save the date card in their wedding suite and mailing everything at once rather than the traditional save the date followed by the invitation.

It’s all up to you! Every wedding is different and every bride is different. Whatever works for you and gives the guests all of the information they will need to help facilitate a smooth day is perfect! 

How can brides get creative with their invitation wording?

Who knew there were so many ways to word a wedding invitation? We have an entire page dedicated to wording examples and it covers just about every scenario you can think of. From jewish weddings to previously married brides - we have thought of everything! As the years go by it seems that sticking to traditions isn’t as important as it used to be. So, if you want to add a little spunk use wording that will show you (the bride and groom) are directly inviting your guests. Keep it light and casual by saying, “We are getting married and would love for you to be there.”

Another factor to consider is the overall theme or aesthetic of your wedding. Be sure to use language that reflects the style you are going for so that your guests have an idea of what to expect. Just remember to include all of the vital information like who, what, where, and when.

What is the timeline for when save the dates & invitations should be mailed out?

Based on a one year engagement:

-    6-8 months prior to the wedding send out your save the date card to guests

-    1-2 months before the wedding send out your custom wedding invitations

Keep in mind how many guests you are inviting, the location of the venue… is it a destination wedding? These are things to consider when sending out your save the dates and more importantly your wedding invitations. If you’re expecting 500 rsvp cards before the final head count send you invites out a few weeks earlier. Follow the above guidelines a closely as you can and use your best judgement. 

What is the biggest mistake that you see brides making when it comes to wedding invitations and what can upcoming brides do to not make the same mistake?


The number one thing that causes bride’s stress is not allowing enough time to shop, customize, and receive their wedding stationery. As soon as you set a date for the wedding and have your guest list send out those save the dates. This means you should started shopping around for save the dates right away! This process will help you familiarize yourself with Basic Invite and give you a chance to nail down the design style that best suites you. Make sure you start shopping for your wedding invitations as soon as your save the dates are out the door. The more time a bride has the better! This leaves room for our production team to give a bride the time she deserves with her design edits and leaves wiggle room for last minute changes and delivery time. So, make a plan and stick to it leaving yourself enough time to shop, design, order, and receive!

And that's a wrap!  If you are in need of some lovely invitations for your wedding, head on over to Basic Invite and take a look at all the options they have to offer!