Timelines for a Stress Free Wedding Day | Free Download

So you're getting married!  Yay!!! Now you're on the journey to checking out & booking vendors, finding a dress, deciding on colors and more.  Wedding planning can be stressful!  But it's so rewarding when your day arrives and everything falls into place.  Something that can be super helpful is having a timeline to use as your guide.  

Sarah and I are passionate about educating our couples throughout the wedding planning process and putting together custom timelines (we send all our couples a questionnaire to create the perfect timeline for their day - want to learn more? let's connect!!) for each wedding day.  But we have found that it's helpful to have an idea of how much time you need for each part of the day as you go throughout planning.  We have put together a sweet little PDF with 4 sample timelines for 4 different types of weddings.  These will serve as a perfect guide for you as you go about selecting vendors and thinking through your wedding day.  They are by no means exact timelines but can easily be customized for your particular wedding :)

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