the ice house wedding

Katie & Rob | Louisville Engagement Session

Katie and Rob have already made such an impression on us.  We had so much fun with them even at our initial meeting.  Katie is cousin to one of our previous groom's, and his sister recommended us to Katie.  Also, in our meeting we discussed a terrible, yet hilarious idea for photos styled after this Zach Galifinakis shoot from Masterminds.  I think our willingness to do this sealed the deal ha!

Rob is mostly reserved until he gets to know someone, and he is really sweet to Katie.  When she couldn't find anything to wear for their session, and wouldn't have time to go shopping beforehand, he went to J. Crew and got her clothes!  Granted the salespeople helped him pick stuff out but still what guy does that?!  Learn from him gentlemen.

Also, I love Katie and Rob's story of how they met: "My friend Erin and I decided to go up to Mellow Mushroom in St. Matthews for dinner and drinks. We grabbed a seat at the bar, and I couldn't help but notice Rob sitting with a group of his friends at a table across from us. Towards the end of our dinner, Rob walked over to our table and politely said, "Hi, I don't want to interrupt your dinner, but I just wanted to leave this here!" I looked down, and he had written his name and phone number on a napkin, with a smiley face - smooth! I was flattered. Erin and I grabbed our checks and decided to check out Molly Malone's next door. As Erin and I were just grabbing our drinks, in walks in Rob and his friends from Mellow Mushroom. Erin encouraged me to send him a text, and I said something very original like "whats up?"  When they crossed paths again in a class at U of L that was it, the rest is history.

The evening of their engagement session the temperature had dropped considerably.  They were both troopers, though, and were willing to brave the cold to get some amazing photos.

We are so excited for their June wedding at The Ice House!