Sophie & Trevor | Anchorage Trail Engagement Session

Every once in a while we get a wedding inquiry from a couple who plan to get married in our area, but don’t live nearby.  So, to "meet" with the person we have to get a little creative.  Thank you Skype!!! 

Sophie and Trevor are one of those out-of-town couples who had to use Skype, so we could meet "face-to-face." They live in St. Louis, but plan to get married here in Louisville to be close to family and friends.

We shot their lovely engagement photos at Anchorage Trail Park.  A favorite for us, for the variety of landscapes and architectures.

As we shot their photos, on that cold day, we enjoyed talking about Sophie's heritage and how they would incorporate that into their wedding.  And at one point we saw a huge deer wander out onto the trail. Something unique for a (mostly) city kids.

We're so glad Sophie and Trevor made the trip down so we could capture their beautiful photos.