Sam & Jake | Louisville Engagement Session

Sam and Jake are two really cool people.  They were referred to us by one of our other awesome couple, you may remember them.  They were even all hanging out together just before we met up with Sam and Jake for their session at their house.  They live in a small house with their teacup Chihuahua, Tank.  And that is the most ironic name because this dog is probably about 5 lbs at the most.  He's adorable, though, and Sam just adores him.  She said she carries him around the house as she does house-work and such.

 From their house, we headed to a park down by the Ohio River.  Again, it was cold (apparently all of our Fall sessions were on random cold days).  But, we managed to get some AMAZING photos of the two of them.  Sam had booked a 2-hour session with us, and brought enough outfits to fill the time.  

Sam is a very pointed person and gets straight to the point.  Her answers to our "getting to know you" questionnaire were simple and to the point.  

  • How did the two of you meet?

    We knew each other from a local bar I worked at and he was a regular at. Eventually we went out and the rest was history.

  • Tell us about your first date.

    We went out with his friends to a show. He knew the person that was performing. It was a great time and we hung out every day for a month after that.

  • Tell us your proposal story!

    He proposed to me at the Blackhawks vs Bruins hockey game. He acted like we were going to take a picture in front of the ice and then got down on one knee and asked. (I said yes) lol

To go along with their love for hockey, at the end of their session they each changed into their jerseys for their favorite team for some adorable photos in the last bit of light.

We are so excited for their October wedding at The Louisville Palace!