Rachel & Ricky | St Matthews Engagement Session

First off, let me give a huge shout out to Emily and Phillip for introducing us to another wonderful couple.

Rachel and Ricky are so cool and laid back.  We started the session at the Tin Roof in St. Matthews.  Ricky used to play music there and even has a "fat head" hanging on the ceiling.  And the Tin Roof was the setting for his proposal to Rachel!

To kick-off their relaxed session, they started with a drink.  I'll be honest, a little drink tends to help people relax a bit for their session.  From there we headed to their house.  They have the sweetest dogs!!!  Even if they wouldn't cooperate for their photos.  Ricky even used the dogs, Kalua and Bailey, for his proposal with tags that read "will you..." and "marry my dad?"  They were so cute!

After Rachel and Ricky changed, we headed off to a secret spot in St. Matthews.  Yes, it will remain a secret because we don't want anyone encroaching on our territory haha.  Rachel and Ricky said, at first, they felt really awkward.  But as we went on they both started to loosen up and got into the photos.  They did such a great job and we got some beautiful photos.

We are really excited for their wedding in July!

Jessica Hayth

Louisville, KY 40220