Rachel & Christian | Whitehall House & Gardens Wedding

Rachel and Christian are such a sweet couple.  The energy in the mansion when we got there was so lively and fun.  The girls were all convened in a room upstairs getting their hair and makeup done.  The guys were on the same floor but a few doors down getting dressed as well, much more quiet and calm then the girls.

After Rachel got in her dress, she had a sweet "first look" with her dad.  It was a lovely moment.  Then she had a "first look" with Christian.

Their "first look" was ideal.  We put Christian on the front porch steps then brought Rachel out to him.  It was perfect!  Christian turned to look at her and threw his hands in the air then over his mouth.  And even had tears in his eyes.  So many people are apprehensive of "first looks" but they can be just as special as him seeing her for the first time walking down the aisle.  I'm pretty sure Christian even cried both times :)

Before the ceremony we did family photos then we got to take detail photos of the reception site.  There was a large tent set up in the back yard of the mansion and they had a mix of farm tables and round tables.  It was so unique and beautiful.  

The ceremony was in the garden behind the house and was so lovely with the setting sun coming through the trees.  Rachel and Christian wrote their own vows, which made the ceremony so personal.

There was so much love from their family and friends the whole day.  And the reception was so fun with lots of dancing.  We had a great time being a part of their day.