Rachel & Christian | Falls of the Ohio Engagement Session

Rachel and Christian were a fun couple to photograph.  And were so awesome to humor us in our trek through the park at the Falls of the Ohio. 

If you've never been to the Falls of the Ohio, you should go.  It has a perfect view of downtown Louisville, and is a great setting for any photo session.  We have shot there a number of times and get different photos every time.

The day we shot Rachel and Christian's photos it was cold.  I'm talking "why isn't snowing" cold.  But we made the best of it, despite the harsh wind.  And thankfully, Jessica brought along a blanket that made for a great prop.

We are so thankful that they humored us for a good, cold, ten minutes while we grab a great shot of Rachel's gorgeous sapphire ring.  We can't wait for their October wedding.