Natalie & Adam | Miami University Engagement Session

Miami University in Oxford, OH has one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever been to. All of the buildings are brick and are scattered around with huge green trees and grass. Jessica and I got there a little early and walked around a bit to explore the area and found some great spots for photos. (If you ever want to feel your age, go to a college campus where everyone is still a teenager and is probably way smarter than you.)

When Natalie, Adam and Natalie’s mom arrived we walked with them to a few different spots that meant something special to them on the campus. Natalie and Adam told us one place that was very important to them was the arch at Upham Hall. Apparently, there is a bit of folklore surrounding the arch. One website said: “According to Miami folklore, couples who kiss at the Upham arch will get married. ‘Miami Mergers’ refers to living alumni married to other alumni, and each year the Miami University Alumni Association (MUAA) sends Valentine’s Day cards to the couples.” You can find a lot of photos on social media of couples under the arch with the hashtag #MiamiMerger. It was pretty cool to hear the stories about it while standing right there with Natalie and Adam.

There is a beautiful garden called the Conrad Formal Gardens near the Marcum Hotel. It served as a great backdrop for some photos. Many of the flowers were in bloom and served as the perfect spot for a ring photo. There may have even been some running through the field ha!

Before we left, we quickly stopped in the downtown area and got a few photos of Natalie and Adam in front of one of their favorite spots to hang out. And we may have stopped traffic for some shots of them walking across the street (worth it!).

We had such a wonderful time with Natalie and Adam and really enjoyed getting to know them better. We can’t wait for their May wedding at Miami University!