10 Songs for Your Mother and Son Dance

To go along with the Father/Daughter Dance I compiled a list of songs for the Mother/Son Dance.  These were hard.  For some reason there are a lot more for the girls.  But these songs are just as heartfelt.  I encourage the guys to pick a song that means something to you and your mom.

Here are ten songs for the Mother/Son dance:

Meanwhile Back At Mama's- Tim McGraw

Mama- Aaron Lewis

A Song For Mom- Boys to Men

Forever Young- Bob Dylan

The First Lady in My Life- Paul Todd

Here for You- Neil Young

Child of Mine- Carole King

Loves Me Like a Rock- Paul Simon

God Bless the Child- Billie Holiday

Everything Changes- Sara Bareilles

TIP: If you and your mom are not huge fans of being the center of attention, why not have the MC invite other mothers and their sons out to the dance floor about halfway through your song.