Morgan & Bryan | Chagrin Falls Engagement Session

Morgan is our cousin- our Dad's cousin's daughter (family tree lesson there). So, naturally, when she and Bryan got engaged we quickly offered to shoot their special day.  And, naturally, they accepted.

So, we made the 5 1/2 hours journey up to Chagrin Falls, Ohio to shoot their engagement photos.  The temperature the whole day was around 30, something non of us were quite prepared for.  But, we made it work.

Chagrin Falls is a picturesque, Norman Rockwell-type, town.  Dogs everywhere you look and cute families with their Starbucks.  And waterfalls.  Yes, waterfalls right in the middle of town.

Morgan and Bryan made it easy to take their photo.  And I'm sure I speak for us both when I say it's a great feeling to see one of our loved ones, who we watched grow up, happy and in love.