Mariah & Ben | Cox Arboretum Engagement Session

Mornings. Are you a morning person? I would consider myself one, as long as there is coffee involved. Jessica, on the other hand, loves the night time. She is a night owl, until the wee hours of the morning. Me, I’m asleep by 10 pm or earlier most nights.

That’s kind of how we found Mariah and Ben to be. She seemed quite awake and ready to go for their morning session, whereas he was struggling with his body’s natural afternoon and evening schedule. But what a glorious morning it was for photos. And we deeply appreciated the sacrifice that was made by all of us to work our schedules into a beautiful morning session.

All of us photographers love a “golden hour,” and at times that means getting up early, drinking a few cups of coffee, and meeting a couple before the dew has even had a chance to evaporate. BUT all of this is totally worth it when you have a couple like Mariah and Ben who make your job so easy. We had a great time with them at Cox Arboretum, which has quickly become one of new go-to places for photos. The setting is perfect with a pond, bridges, trees, benches, and flowers.

Once we all were a bit more awake, we enjoyed strolling around the park, getting to know each other. We learned that Mariah and Ben are cat people, but we won’t hold that against them :) We are looking forward to continuing to get to know them better and can’t wait for their June wedding!