Maggie & Chase | Peterson Deumensil House Engagement

Maggie is our friend and associate photographer in Louisville, so naturally when she and Chase got engaged (ok, who are we kidding, we said it when they were first dating) we told her we would definitely be there to photograph the wedding.  We just love Maggie and we are so excited to be there to capture the day.

Chase lives in Versailles, KY, and had to drive into town the day of the engagement session.  Unfortunately, the St. Patrick's Day parade on Baxter Ave waylaid him just enough that we had to forego our original plan to do the session at Cave Hill Cemetery.  But, because Jessica and I always have a back-up plan, we were able to move the session to the Peterson-Dumesnil House in Clifton.  We were so lucky they didn't have an event that day, considering it was a Saturday.

Maggie and Chase are so cute together.  For us, it's like watching your little, doe-eyed sister with her tall, handsome beau- it's adorable!!!  

One of the things I love the most about Maggie and Chase, is that they broke up for a while.  They're both young and when they dated the first time, it was getting too serious, too fast.  So, they decided to take a break, but then their mutual attraction and love brought them back together, and now they're going to spend the rest of their lives together.  Sometimes, you just need that break to find yourself, and figure out what you want, to realize you wanted what you had.

One of the last photos we took of the day was an imitation of the "famous" Prince Harry and Megan Markle engagement photo.  It turned out great and is one of my favorite photos of the day.

We can't wait for Maggie and Chase's June wedding at Blackacre Conservancy!!!