Lexi & Zach | Smith-Berry Winery Engagement Session

Lexi and Zach live in the Chicago area but are getting married at The Gramercy in Louisville.  And fortunately for us they were willing to meet us somewhere a little bit closer to our neck of the woods for their engagement session.  None of us had ever been to Smith-Berry Winery, but were happy to discover that it is lovely and remote.  There were even kittens and a dog roaming around.  They host weddings at the winery and have a barn and a small stage with lights that we were able to utilize.

Lexi showed up in this gorgeous romper with a lacy overlay.  The wine red color went really well with the yellow and orange leaves of the trees.

So I've been trying to figure out what to say about Lexi and Zach but I think their proposal story says everything: "I had planned all summer to fly home to Louisville for Labor Day weekend- just to see friends and family. Zach had tickets to a music festival, so he couldn't come with me. I knew that he would be proposing soon, and I wasn't shy about it. I brought it up all the time to anyone who would listen (the anticipation was killing me) and him and my friends never gave anything away. One of my best friends from high school told me that her uncle won tickets to a tour of Buffalo Trace Distillery on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend- so of course my friends and I said we could go. On the drive from Louisville, I talked non-stop to my friends about Zach proposing. I grilled them for information, and they all seemed genuinely clueless. I had considered Zach surprising me that weekend in Louisville, but he sent me a photo of the stage at the music festival, so I knew he was actually there (or so I thought). We went through the entire 2 hour tour, and then we did the bourbon tasting. My friends kept mentioning that they wanted to see these gardens on the back of the property, so after the tasting we went to see them. When we got there, I looked up at the gazebo and saw Zach standing there. I started screaming (my friends have this on video) because I couldn't believe they all lied so well, and I thought he was in Chicago!! I went up the steps to meet him in the gazebo where he proposed and it was so wonderful - we were up on a hill, surrounded by beautiful flowers. When I turned to my friends afterward, I saw tons of people running towards the gazebo. It was all of our friends from Chicago, and Zach's sisters and parents, and my grandparents. They were staying at hotels downtown the night before, and I had no idea! My high school friends also had a party planned for afterward, and my mom got Zach and I a hotel room. It was the most wonderful day ever. Our friends are very important to us, and it was so much more special for us to have all of them there."

They are so cute together!  A little shy at first, especially Zach, but he warmed up as we went along and even had the great idea of taking some photos in the barn with the string lights on.  So, I had to make that happen, of course :)

We can't wait for Lexi and Zach's wedding at The Gramercy in September!