Lexi & Cody | Ault Park Cincinnati Engagement Session

In all of the years we've been doing this, I'm not sure we have ever laughed so much at an engagement session.  Lexi and Cody were so much fun to be around.  Their interactions with each other were perfect, and genuine.

Lexi and Cody met at Tiffin University and have been together for five years.  Lexi said that Cody spotted her photo on a wall displaying all of the incoming freshman before the school year started and he told his family that she was cute.  Then when the school year started and they were in the same dorm, Cody told his friends that he was going to date her.  And the rest is history!

During the session at Ault Park, Cody spent most of the time making Lexi laugh.  When Jessica asked Cody to pick Lexi up for a photo, he looked at Lexi and said "you have shorts on under that, right?" (Lexi's cute dress was made with shorts underneath) then he proceeded to not just pick her up, but to swing her into a dip and kiss her.  It was perfect!!!  And when asked to go in for "the slowest kiss in the world" they made a funny show of it and had to get themselves hyped to start.  Lexi moved way faster than Cody, who sat there and barely moved an inch!

It was such a fun session.  And we loved all of the smiles and laughs!