Leah & Reese Part 2 | Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. Engagement Session

We're continuing Leah & Reese's 2 part engagement session!  We were so freaking excited when Kentucky Peerless Distillery allowed us to shoot in their downtown distillery!! Sarah and I absolutely love when we get to be creative with engagement sessions and shoot in atypical locations like a distillery.  Leah & Reese even got to sample Kentucky Peerless' moonshines!  

We found out while we were there that you can rent their tasting room for rehearsal dinners!  How awesome would it be to have your out of town guests to a local distillery for your rehearsal dinner :)

After shooting for a bit at Kentucky Peerless, we ventured over to Nulu to shoot a few photos at and around Garage Bar.  

We loved spending time with Leah & Reese and cannot wait for their wedding next month!!