Kelsye & Eric | Blackacre Conservancy Engagement Session

Kelsye holds a special place in my heart.  She and I worked together at Starbucks for a few years.  We've known each others good times and bad times.  And I'm so happy to be able to be a part of her new life journey with Eric.

I love the way Kelsye and Eric met!  Kelsye had been out with some friends to a movie and decided, after everyone else went home, that she would go to Buffalo Wild Wings for some food.  It was late and close to closing time, but Eric seated her in his section.  They chatted a little when he would come to the table (this is a total RomCom "meet cute" by the way).  After a while, he asked, with no other customers in his section, if he could just sit with her.  They ended up talking that night for 5 hours, in the restaurant and in the car when they went for a drive!  I just love this story.

We decided on Blackacre Conservancy for Kelsye and Eric's photos because of the diversity of the landscape there.  There are trails leading down to a pond, a historic home, barn, and fields.

After some photos on the trail, Kelsye changed into a cute dress Eric had bought her in Rome.  Oh yeah, they got engaged in Rome when Eric surprised her at the Trevi Fountain.  Again, RomCom status!!!  

She had brought a blanket and books for props.  So, we laid out the blanket and tossed the books about for some adorable photos.  One of the things Kelsye and Eric have bonded over is their love of books.  They both consume books quickly and deeply love reading.

We had such a great time with Kelsye and Eric.  And can't wait for them to be husband and wife!

Sarah Reid