Kayla & David | Hurstbourne Country Club Engagement Session

We need to send a huge thank you to Amy Vanover, who was in the wedding of her brother in 2016.  She has been talking us up all over town and gotten us a few weddings.

Kayla is Amy's college roommate.  She and David are so sweet and we had a great time with them.  We chose Hurstbourne Country Club for the setting of their photos because it was new to us.  And they were so nice about letting take engagement photos on their grounds.

The sun was setting perfectly over the golf course!  And the course has some great architecture and natural features.  Kayla and David did an excellent job acting completely natural in front of the camera.  You can see how much they love each other and how close they are as friends.

David's friend came along to watch Kayla and David get their photos taken.  He didn't heckle and even had some good ideas for photos.  I think my favorites are the ones in front of the old church facade.  From far away it looks kind of random out on the green, but it is gorgeous up close.

Then before we left the neighborhood, Jessica ran back to the driveway and took some amazing photos of Kayla and David in the middle withe trees lining perfectly.  They look so good!

We are so excited for Kayla and David's May wedding!