Jenna & Vince | Central Park NYC Engagement Session

Dear fellow photographers:  Have you ever had a dream place to take photos?  I'm sure you have.  Well, Jessica and I had the dream to photograph a couple in Central Park in New York City.  And guess what??!!  We did!!!

Let's start with a little background info.  Jenna and her family lived a couple of miles from where Jessica and I grew up in the country in Northeast Ohio.  We all went to school together (her younger sister, Justine, and I are the same age) from elementary to high school.  Even rode the same bus for a while.  We've remained friends on social media through the years.  And we were so excited to see Jenna join the wedding business with us.  She has an amazing graphic and paper design business called I Can Do That Design (Instagram: @icandothat_design).  When we saw that Jenna now lives in NYC with her then boyfriend, Vince, we asked if they would be interested in a session of the two of them when we came to New York for a photography conference.  She agreed, and then a couple of weeks later, Vince popped the question!!!  So, then we were making plans for an engagement session in Central Park!!!!!!  (Jessica is going to be proud of the amount of exclamation points I'm using :)

This awesome session kind of turned into an afternoon-to evening session.  We first met Jenna and Vince at their apartment in Queens.  We took their sweet Australian Shepherd, Zoe, with us and walked through the neighborhood, snapping photos in various spots as we went along.  Their apartment is in the Forest Hills area and it is so peaceful and lovely there- you don't even feel like you're in the city.

Then we headed back to their apartment to attempt some confetti photos, which kind of turned out.  I'll post one or two, the wind wasn't quite cooperating.  Jenna and Vince changed into some more formal-looking outfits and then we headed into the city.  By the way, I have to give props to Vince for being a trooper since we scheduled this session during a huge game for Ohio State.  He was watching it on his phone at every opportunity, but then hid it away when it was time for a photo.

Central Park on a Saturday is crowded!  But it also made for some pretty cool photos, with people all around them.  They looked as if they were in their own little world.  It was just what Jessica and I had hoped for.  We were even able to sneak away from the crowds and find a couple of hidden spots, too.  Jenna and Vince did such a great job and we CANNOT WAIT to photograph their wedding in March!

I also have to mention that they are some of the best hosts to people visiting NYC.  We went to eat after their session to this awesome Italian place called Osteria Cotta, and then we went to Milk Bar down the street.  We all bonded over a love of food.  The next day we even met up before we went to our Broadway show and had Dim Sum.  It was such a great time and eating experience.  We can't wait to go back!