It Was 1946...

This post was written on an old blog exactly 5 years ago.  It has now been 7 years since our grandma passed away.  Since then, we have also lost our grandpa.  The post is so very dear to our hearts as it tells the story of how our grandparents met and were married.  A story that influences the way we see love and marriage and the way we photograph weddings.  These photos sit in a fire safe because they are so special to us.  I wish I had recorded more of the stories my grandpa told me in the last few years of his life.  Regardless, I will always cherish the ones that he did tell me and I look forward to the day when I'll have forever to hear his stories.

It was August of 1946 to be exact. My grandpa was living in Bedford, Pennsylvania when he was asked by his best friend to come to Ohio for a blind date. Little did he know this blind date would change his life. It was in North Canton, Ohio that he met the love of his life, my grandma. He was so smitten that he never returned to Pennsylvania after that one date. It was the epitome of love at first sight. He rented a room in town so he could court my grandma and eventually proposed to her on Valentine’s Day 1947. They were married on May 29th, 1947 in the church they attended for over 50 years. They were surrounded by about 100 friends and family. Met in August, engaged in February, married in May…9 months…9 months is all it took to turn a blind date into over 62 years of marriage!

My grandma passed away two years ago today. My grandpa still wears his tiny gold wedding band. He still talks about her in every conversation. “Til death do us part” doesn’t even apply to them…a love like theirs never dies. I know their marriage wasn’t perfect, it was hard. They went through losing a baby, cancer, losing close family members and friends, all while holding hands and keeping each other strong. They traveled together, laughed together, danced together and kept family close.

As you can imagine, this post has been very hard for me to write. It’s hard to see through the tears, but I want to share what they had. I have been wanting to write this post for the past couple weeks, ever since I visited my grandpa and I had the privilege of sitting with him for a few hours and listening to his stories. He had so many stories to tell me. I can’t wait to go back and hear more! I’ve always been close to him but as I get older, these stories mean more to me. One of my favorites (besides the ones about my grandma and him of course) was a story he told me about being in World War II. He got a “giggle” telling me about taking out his false teeth when he got seasick so he wouldn’t lose them overboard on his way back to North Africa from Italy. I loved hearing him laugh.

I’ll end this post with one more picture, but before I do…If you are married or about to get married: Remember WHY you got married. Remind yourself of why you fell in love in the first place. Tell your spouse you love them EVERY DAY. Remember to be honest with each other. Always find time to laugh. Hold hands like when you were first dating. Be spontaneous. Cry on each other’s shoulders (yes that means you too, guys!). The wedding is just the beginning. It leads to something that is hard and takes work, but it’s worth it! I will always be incredibly grateful for the beautiful example I have in my grandma & grandpa’s marriage.

Here is my favorite picture I found from my grandparent’s wedding photos.