Is a First Look Right For You?

Maybe you've heard of a first look, maybe you're not familiar with the term.  So, what is a first look?  Well, a first look is when the bride and groom see each other all dressed and ready to go before their ceremony.  Typically this is also when most of the portraits are taken.  

Now let's talk about the practical reasons to do a first look.  

Unfortunately, the sun is only up for so long.  If you are planning an evening ceremony in the Fall or Winter, chances are you will run out of light after your ceremony to get good outdoor photos.  If outdoor photos are important to you, then we suggest considering a first look.  A first look will allow you more time before the ceremony to get all of your beautiful portraits out of the way before you even head down the aisle.  Girls, your hair and makeup will still be fresh too.  And after we get your portraits, you can hang out together!  A lot of couples also take this opportunity to do their family portraits as well so that all of their portraits are done before the ceremony.  This is something we talk about when we send out our questionnaire to our couples before the big day.  We will build it into the photo timeline if time allows.  

Another practical reason for a first look could be that you really want to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests!  This is a great time to mingle with everyone you care about that has taken the time to be at your wedding.  Maybe some have even traveled a great distance to be there.  If being with your guests is important to you, then having a first look and getting all of your portraits done before the ceremony will give you that opportunity.  Not to mention, you get to enjoy those delicious signature cocktails you picked out and those appetizers!


Now we'll get into the reasons we really love a first look.  The emotional reasons. 

The moment between a bride and groom during their first look is so special.  We know people are often skeptical, but we assure you that there have often been tears of joy from a groom as he sees his bride for the first time.  This could possibly be the only time throughout the day that you have to be alone together.  As the groom, you get to soak up every detail of how beautiful your bride looks and tell her right there!  As the bride, you get to see your groom's reaction up close and personal!  You all get to take in that moment without hundreds of eyes on you or any pressure.  We have found that a lot of couples feel more relaxed and enjoy the rest of their day even more if they do a first look.  We know that all you want to be is together and this allows you to spend more time being just that.  

One of the reasons most couples choose not to have a first look is because they feel that it will affect that moment when the bride walks down the aisle.  We can honestly say that more times than not, the groom is more emotional during that moment when he has already seen his bride!  There is just something so special about that moment, it is unlike anything else and there is not much that changes it.  

All of this being said, we completely respect the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony and would never push our couples to have a first look if they really didn't want to.  The purpose of this post is to inform you and let you decide what's right for you :)