10 Songs for Your Father and Daughter Dance

Hey friends!  Planning a wedding?  Do you have any idea what song you will dance to with your mom or dad?  Need some help?

Here is a list of ten songs you could use for your Father/Daughter dance:

My Little Girl- Jack Johnson

I'll Be Your Man- Zach Brown Band

Daughter- London Wainwright lll

So Small- Carrie Underwood

Open Door- You + Me

Baby Blue- George Strait

Forever Young- Bob Dylan 

Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)- Billy Joel

Right By Your Side- James Morrison

It Won't Be Like This For Long- Darius Rucker

TIP: If you and your dad are not huge fans of being the center of attention, why not have the MC invite other fathers and their daughters out to the dance floor about halfway through your song.  It will be a special moment with you and your friends, as well.