Elizabeth & Kris | Lexington Country Club Wedding

Elizabeth and Kris had such a great, easy-going day.  There was not an ounce of stress between the two of them.  And everyone in the family and their group of friends was so wonderfully helpful and even-keeled.  We had such a wonderful day!

Our day started at the Country Club to set up our photo booth.  Then we met up with the girls at the vacation rental Elizabeth's parents had rented.  The girls had their hair and makeup already done, and so they were just hanging out, laughing and sipping champagne.  We took some photos of the details.  Then it was time for Elizabeth to get into her elegant dress.  Jessica and I both commented that her dress was exactly as we pictured it would be.  Elizabeth did a sweet reveal with her father, and then one with her bridesmaids.

We all headed over to the Country Club to meet up with the boys.  The girls waited in the party bus while Jessica took some getting ready photos of the guys.  At the same time, I took some photos of the gorgeous reception decorations.  The Lexington Country Club has some beautiful old details- hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers, a huge fireplace.  

Elizabeth and Kris were both very anxious to get to the first look.  We left Elizabeth on the bus while we got Kris in place.  Kris was so anxious and excited.  He commented that the anticipation was excruciating as Elizabeth took her time walking through the Country Club to see the reception decorations.  When she walked out the door and tapped his shoulder, they both smiled widely and breathed a sigh of relief to finally be together.

After family and bridal party photos, we headed to the church.  There were a couple more family photos to take then it was ceremony time.  The sanctuary of the church was small and the aisle was lined with candles with greenery; it was so beautiful to match the ceremony itself.

When the ceremony was finished, Elizabeth and Kris had an adorable exit out of the church with everyone showering them with bubbles.  It was so sweet!  We went to Thoroughbred Park for a couple of group shots before driving to the Country Club.  The cocktail hour was in full swing on the patio.  Then the MC announced Elizabeth and Kris into the party.  Toasts were given, the cake was cut, and then the mingled continued.  We snagged Elizabeth and Kris to get some last-minute sunset (well, not really a sunset since it was really overcast) photos.  

Elizabeth and Kris hired the band The Naked Karate Girls to play the reception.  I have never seen a band like this.  They came out in costumes and had props.  They even distributed sombreros before they played "La Bamba."  It was such a fun night.  We are so grateful Elizabeth and Kris chose us to be a part of their special day!

Sarah Reid