Do You Travel? | Destination Weddings

To answer that question: YES YES YES!!!!

One of our favorite things to do together, and with our family, is to travel.  Collectively, we've visited about 40 states, and 4 countries outside of the US (Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, and The Bahamas).  We love long road trips, and plane rides, especially when there is an empty seat between us.  

In 2018, so far, we have 2 destination weddings- one in Brooklyn, NY in March and the other in Moline, Illinois.  We are so excited to be shooting in some new locations, and get to see some new destinations too.

I overheard some people, who know that I am a photographer, talking about a wedding the other day and I inquired about a wedding photographer.  They were surprised when I said we are willing to do a destination wedding.  Even to Washington, or Alaska!  I know that often times the travel fees for destination wedding photography are a factor.  We try to keep those as low as possible, mostly so you can have a great experience with us, but also we get to take a mini vacation in the process!

So, where are you getting married?  Having a California wedding?  Or a New York wedding?  Maybe a Mexico wedding?  Could it even be a wedding in Hawaii?  Count us in, not out!  We often dream of a wedding in Ireland, or an amazing resort wedding on the beach in the Bahamas.  We'd love to be there to photograph you're special day!!!