Colleen & Ben | The Willow Tree Wedding

Colleen and Ben are so sweet. They are the kind of people who will ask you a million times if you need anything even though it’s their wedding day. They just love their friends and family so much that they want to make sure that everyone is happy and having a good time. It’s such an endearing quality.

Colleen and Ben each come from a large family of biological and adopted siblings. The sense of family and the love between everyone was felt all day on their wedding day. All of Colleen’s sisters and her friends were with her as she got ready in the historic home at The Willow Tree. As she got ready, Colleen opened a gift from Ben each hour until the ceremony started. One of the gifts we saw her open was an envelope of photos of Ben when he met the anteater Colleen works with at the zoo (her other baby). It was so sweet. Colleen had gotten all of her bridesmaids pajamas and after we took of photo of them in it, we had Colleen get into her dress.

Her mom helped her into her dress. Colleen was so excited once she was ready! Her sister, Delaney, got emotional seeing her sister in her dress. It was such a sweet moment. When everyone was ready we took some group photos with the girls. Then some of Colleen with her siblings and her mom; her brothers were so excited to see her in her dress for the first time, as well. We met up with Ben and his groomsmen on another part of the property and took photos of the group. As Jessica was taking a photo of Ben with each of the groomsmen, one of them came to me and ask if we could do a group hug photo (apparently, Ben is not a big hugger), which I of course agreed. It was great to see his reaction when all six of them bombarded in with hugs.

The ceremony was perfect! I mean perfect. Colleen came out of the house where she got ready and had all of her brothers form a sort of “wall” to shield her from Ben seeing her. Then the boys parted and her brother, Connor, took her arm to walk her down the aisle. Ben clapped!!! He literally clapped. It was amazing! Colleen’s mom met her and her brother halfway down the aisle and walked Colleen the rest of the way. It was so sweet. The ceremony was filled with laughs, happy tears, and Lord of the Rings quotes, again it was perfect. We loved it.

After family photos, we took the bridal party away for some group photos. As Jessica took some great, serious photos of the girls under the gorgeous willow tree, I took the guys down the driveway and across the street for them to get a photo emerging from the stalks. I loved it! It epitomized the personalities of the fun group of guys.

Colleen and Ben had their first dance in the loft of the barn where the reception took place then we had a perfect place to take a photo of all of the guests with them on the dance floor. In lieu of a father/daughter dance, Colleen had a brother/sister dance where she danced with each of her brothers in one song. It was such a sweet idea.

Their reception was so lovely with personal details, games both on the table and the lawn, and lots of dancing. And The Willow Tree was the perfect backdrop for some gorgeous sunset photos.

We are so thankful that Colleen and Ben chose us to be a part of their special day!