Choosing the Best Getting Ready Location | Weddings

Our goal this year has been to help educate our couples and guide them throughout the wedding planning process so we can provide them with the best photos possible.  We've decided to incorporate this into the wedding experience that we offer.  Part of this is helping brides choose the best getting ready location or educating them on ways to make any location better by looking for sources of natural light and clearing the room of clutter before we snap the getting ready photos.  It might seem like an insignificant thing.  But your getting ready location can mean a lot for your photos.  It can make or break your detail shots, your hair and makeup photos, and even those of you getting dressed.   

We've decided to go ahead and do a blog post with some tips on choosing a getting ready location and thinking outside the box when it comes to doing so.  

1. LOOK FOR NATURAL LIGHT.  When you are searching for your getting ready location, this might not be something you think about at first.  As photographers, this is what we are looking for constantly.  We have shot in all types of getting ready locations (church basements, dark rooms at wedding venues, or even bathrooms) and can work with anything thrown at us, but having natural light is always helpful.  We love to shoot near large windows or doors.  When we arrive at your location, this is the first thing we scope out. And stylist and makeup artists love it too.  Natural light is going to give your makeup artist the best light to make sure your makeup is flawless just as you want it to be.  The natural light makes the detail photos amazing.  We've been known to find a table by a window and spread out all of the jewelry and accessories.

2. A SPACE LARGE ENOUGH FOR YOUR WEDDING PARTY.  Make sure you choose a location that is large enough to hold all of your bridesmaids, mothers and anyone else you want there when you put on your wedding gown.  It gets hot when getting ready and adding a cramped space doesn't help with that.  You want to make sure you will be comfortable and have enough room to move around. A dining room makes for the perfect place to get your hair and makeup done.  The stylist and makeup artist can lay out all of their supplies and tools on the dining room table, and multiple chairs make it easy to beautify more than one person at a time.  A large hotel suite could be a great spot.  A friend or family member's house or apartment.  Or even rent a house or apartment from AirBNB or HomeAway.  This is a great idea if you want a place for you and all of your girls to stay the night before the wedding too.  Or even use it for your groom and you to stay in the wedding night.

3. AIRBNB.  Check out these links for some great Louisville homes and apartments to rent for getting ready.

Cozy 2BR Unit in Crescent Hill

Derby City Tiny House

Hawk's Eyrie- Cozy, Quiet 2BR APT

809- Derby City Urban Loft Southview

Charming Crescent Hill Home

Modern Downtown Loft

Here are some of our favorite "getting ready" photos in awesome locations.