Brooke & Adam | Keeneland Engagement

Brooke and Adam live close to Dayton, OH but they said they wanted something green and Dery-esque for their engagement photos.  So, Jessica and I instantly though of Keeneland.  We are so glad Brooke and Adam were willing to make the drive down to Lexington.

The day was perfect!!  We had planned to do their session the week before on a Thursday evening, but when I called the track to ask about restrictions, the woman I talked to recommended coming a different day of the week because they had Spring races happening.  I'm so glad we did because there was no one there.  But when there aren't any events, they leave the gates open for people to come in and see the track.  There was security, of course, but their only restriction was that we couldn't go on the actual racetrack. 

Brooke did a great job picking out their outfits (Adam admitted he had no part in it).  She wore a cute, white tulle skirt that made for some sweet photos.  Adam is about a foot taller than Brooke, so in their second outfits we got some cute photos while she stood on her tiptoes in her flats.  It was so cute!  We even got to take them up into the box seats. 

Then that golden hour came!  OMG!!!  We had a perfect sunset over the track.  The light coming over the pavilion then through the trees was so amazing.  Then we got a few simple ring shots and even ones with a 7 for their July, 2018 wedding.

We had such a great time with Brooke and Adam!