Andrea & Ben | 21C Museum Hotel Engagement Session

Yay Andrea and Ben are engaged!  We met Andrea about a year ago, when she starting hosting trivia for Louisville Trivia (a company Jessica's husband worked for).  She shadowed Jessica's husband for a few nights then she got her own gig at a pub in Louisville.  Then when Jessica and her husband moved to Northern Kentucky, Andrea got to take over Chris' gig.  Needless to say, we are friends with Andrea and were so happy when Ben popped the question.

Andrea and Ben got engaged on Penguin Day (4/25)!  These two love penguins so it just seemed appropriate.  Ben even gave Andrea the ring on a stuffed penguin.  It was so cute!

If you don't know anything about 21C Museum Hotel, they are famous for the red penguins they have on display around the hotel.  So, perfect for a couple who got engaged on Penguin Day.  We got some shots with a couple of the penguins inside and out.  And we got an awesome ring shot with some of the toy penguins in the gift shop area.

Mussel and Burger bar is across the street and has a beautiful bar, where we got some cool shots of them.  The bartender was so confused until he saw the camera in Jessica's hand.

After a quick change of clothes, we headed across the street to a small urban park, and then down to the Science Center.  Then the golden hour was descending on us, so we headed down to the lawn at the Belvedere.  These photos are some of our favorites from the day.  That golden light coming through the trees was just perfect!

We love Andrea and Ben, and we can't wait for their intimate September wedding!!

Sarah Reid