Amber & Patrick | Ault Park Engagement Session

Our first Cincinnati engagement session!!!  We were so excited to visit a new park and meet a wonderful new couple.  Ault Park is on the east side of the city and in the Hyde Park area.  There are lovely green lawns, gardens, a gorgeous pillared pavilion, and an awesome view.

We met Amber and Patrick by the pavilion at the top of the hill, which just so happens to be where Patrick proposed!  After meeting up, we headed down to the gardens.  It was surprisingly cold.  The sun was shining and the sky was completely blue, but the temperature was hovering around the mid 30s.  We soldiered on, though.  

Amber has decided to go makeup-free for 2017, as a resolution for herself to show herself she could do it.  She's beautiful the way she is, and rocked the photos.

Despite the cold, we got some beautiful photos.  They were such troopers and were willing to go on the roof of the pavilion and go jacket-less, as well.  They did a great job with their outfits, too; one slightly dressy and one with nice Spring colors.

We had a great time getting to know Amber and Patrick.  They even told us about some great places we should check out in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.  They were so nice and we are so excited for them.