Alaina & Jacob | Cincinnati Art Museum Engagement

Alaina and Jacob are such a cute couple!  We met up with them at the Cincinnati Art Museum, which was the site of their first date, in Eden Park.  

Jacob's mom and dad even brought Alaina and Jacob's dog, Henry, with them for some photos.  Henry is a 6 month-old English Mastiff.  Jessica and I fell in love with him.  He's so big and still struggling to move his awkward legs around ha!  He made for some adorable photos; he even wore a bow tie.  

After Jacob's parents and Henry left, we strolled around the museum and got some lovely shots.  Alaina and Jacob seemed a little shy at first, but we got them out of their shell.  They were so easy to photograph.

They did a quick outfit change, and then we headed out of the museum area and down to Eden Park.  There is a little spot with some blooming trees that is perfect for photos.  Those trees are wedged between a sidewalk and the street, but the photos are breath-taking.  

We got some shots of her ring on a piece of lilac, some with the city view, and then we ended with a couple by the museum.  We had such a great time with Alaina and Jacob.  They are so sweet and got us a small gift for our time.  They got us a box of Busken cookies (if you are ever in Cincinnati, please try these) and chocolates from Esther Price.  We destroyed those cookies ha!