A Little About Sarah | Louisville Wedding Photographer

Well, Jessica told me I have to write a blog post about myself.  I don’t necessarily like talking about myself.  I enjoy talking about things I'm passionate about, however.  So, here are some things I love, and therefore a little more about me.

First of all, I am the blog writer now (Jessica decided to pass the torch on that one).  Which kind of leads me to one thing you should know about me- I love to write.  I thoroughly enjoy the written word, whether writing it myself or reading things other people have written.  I love blogs because it seems to be a place where people can be informal and more like themselves.

I live by myself with my small dog, Ellie.  She is my constant companion, even on road trips.  As I write this she is howling at the neighbors, or a squirrel, or something.  She is probably pretty spoiled, but I'm pretty sure she has a right to be.

I love old movies.  Especially, love stories.  "The Philadelphia Story," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Casablanca," and "Sound of Music," just to name a few.  When I'm home, my nights are often spent snuggled on the couch with Ellie, watching an old movie, drinking wine, and crocheting.

When a friend came to my apartment for the first time, she said "your apartment looks like a Pinterest board."  To me, that is the greatest compliment.  I've worked really hard to save myself as much money as possible by decorating and furnishing my apartment with free or handmade objects.  When I moved here from California, all I had to buy was a couch and a bed.  The rest of my furniture was free.  I have amazing friends and family to take care of me.  A friend was getting rid of an antique pedal sewing machine and I told her I'd love to have it.  When I asked her how much she wanted for it, she said "nothing. Just promise me you will take good care of it."  That sewing machine means a great deal to me because of that.

Let's talk photography.  I love to take photos.  Food, Ellie, sunsets, ocean waves, trees, tall buildings, etc.  I've almost hit 1700 Instagram photos.  What in the world would you take 1700 photos of? You might wonder.  Everything.  I mean, not everything, not the trash on an NYC sidewalk, or the cereal I ate for breakfast.  But my grandpa who is no longer living, my mom and step-dad who I only get to see a few times a year, my little cousins who are growing too fast, or the adventures I take by myself or with my amazing friends.  And food.  I have eaten some amazing food, and I feel the need to document that.

Wow, this is getting long.  I think to some me up in a nutshell, I'll quote my sister, and best friend, Jessica.

This is the caption she wrote for a photo of me she posted on Instagram: "she is the most amazing sister and best friend I could ever ask for.  She makes me laugh until I weeze, she is always honest (even when it hurts), she is very intelligent, she knows who she is and is not afraid to show everyone, she is independent and one of the strongest people I know.  She is beautiful both inside and out.  She loves with all her heart and will do anything for anyone. Last but not least she has such a strong faith in God and it remained strong through one of the toughest experiences of our lives."

(the first few pictures were taken with a DSLR camera and the rest with a phone)