A Little About Jessica | Louisville Wedding Photographer

Jessica, wedding photographer extraordinaire, awesome wife, best sister, boxer dog mom, technology expert, and epic party planner.

She's my big sister, so I think I have probably too much to say about her.  So, let me see if I can narrow it down to just a few things.

When she's not taking gorgeous photos of our amazing couples, she's hanging out at home with her hubby, Chris, and their two boxers, Seamus and Molly.  And they're probably watching Star Wars, or talking about Star Wars, or playing a Star Wars video game.  Or maybe planning a pilgrimage to Star Wars Celebration.  We all kind of like Star Wars, a little.  If you know Jessica and Chris personally, you've been to their house, ventured into the man cave, and seen the ever-growing vintage Star Wars toy collection.  Is it a problem?  I say if it brings a couple close together and they both thoroughly enjoy spending time together searching for new toys or watching the movies, then no, I say keep on keeping on.

Jessica is a great cook too.  She always has food in her pantry that she lets me raid regularly.  And she takes good care of her husband, by making him lettuce wraps or seafood stew just so he has food to take to work.

As OCD as I am, Jessica is the opposite.  Her office gives me heart palpitations.  But I've never seen such organization on the computer.  She has all of her files and photos perfectly placed in individual folders and knows exactly where to find what she is looking for.  Don’t they say, though, that the most creative people are the most disorganized and chaotic?  Well, that applies to my sister.

Jessica loves to travel.  She has planned our trip to Scotland and Ireland down to the very last detail; we don’t go till the middle of August.  She loves a good road trip, and is an awesome car DJ.  As long as Chris or I drive, she will go anywhere.

She is whole-heartedly devoted to her family.  She would do anything for any of them.  And she took wonderful care of our grandpa when she would "grandpa-sit" while my aunt and uncle were out of town, even sacrificing seeing her husband, work, and a good internet signal. 

I've never met anyone who is as cool and understanding as my sister.  Since I was born we've been best friends.  I can tell her anything.  I mean ANYTHING.  She has listened to me complain about boys, work, money.  She always offers helpful advice, even if I don’t agree with it.  I don't know what I would do if I didn’t have her to keep me grounded and vice versa.  And she is the best boss.  If it weren't for her letting me work for her, I'd still be complaining and stressing about what to do with my life.

So, that's Jessica, your photographer, Chris' wife, Seamus and Molly's mom, and my sister.

(Jessica is usually the one behind the camera so I had a hard time finding new pictures of her)