Oh how we love engagement sessions!! This is our opportunity to get to know you as a couple, to see you interact with each other and, maybe most importantly, for you to feel comfortable in front of our cameras (which leads to even better wedding photos!).  That being said, most couples are definitely nervous at the thought of getting in front of the camera.  It's our job to prepare you so you can shake a few of those nerves :)  That's why we've put together this handy little blog post with our top 5 tips for preparing for your engagement session so you can have the best experience!

Taylor & Michael |  Whitehall House & Gardens

Tip #1

Choosing a Location

Your engagement session is an opportunity to showcase who you are as a couple.  That includes choosing a location that might mean something to you or that features something you like to do together.  Do you love reading books together?  Choose a bookstore.  Maybe you are outdoorsy and enjoy going on hikes - go for a park with trails.  Do you love a good glass of wine or craft beer?  How about a nice bar or pub?  There are seriously so many options for your engagement session.  We personally love it when we get to shoot somewhere unique.  Lastly, make sure the location you choose is a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Side note - some places do charge fees or have restrictions on photography.  Your photographer should check this out beforehand.  

Tip #2


Timing involves two things - what date to actually schedule your engagement session and what time of day to shoot your session.  The date you schedule your engagement session depends on (1) what season you'd like to feature in your photos and (2) if you are using one of your photos on your save-the-date cards.  We find that spring & fall are definitely the most popular times of year for scheduling engagement sessions.  If you decide that one of those seasons appeals to you and works into your timeline for sending out your save-the-dates, then we suggest scheduling with your photographer soon after you book.  We find it's never to early to get on our calendar for those seasons as we can book up pretty fast.

The other timing factor is the time of day to shoot your engagement session.  We're sure you've heard of that lovely "golden hour", but if you haven't, it's the hour of soft golden light just after sunrise or just before sunset.  This makes for beautiful photos!  Most of our sessions happen during the evening golden hour, but if you're morning people, go for the sunrise session.  You won't be disappointed :)  If you're undecided, talk it over with your photographer and see what they come up with.

Taylor & Sasha |  Blackacre Conservancy  | Sunrise Session

Taylor & Sasha | Blackacre Conservancy | Sunrise Session

Tip #3

What to Wear

This might be the question we get asked the most.  Scratch that, I'm positive this IS the question we get asked the most haha!  Our biggest suggestion for what to wear is to go for complimentary colors and patterns instead of matching.  And definitely take this as an opportunity to treat yourself to something new :)  Pick colors and styles that go with the season and that are something you would usually wear and that you feel comfortable in.  We suggest to all of our couples to choose two outfits - one that is dressy (think a cute dress with heels for her & slacks with a dress shirt for him) and an outfit that is casual (white pants or nice jeans with a cute top for her & nice jeans with a casual shirt for him).  This gives your photos some variety.  And ladies, don't forget the accessories!  A statement necklace and jewelry looks great in photos.

Still needing some direction?  Check out our handy pinterest board for inspiration!  

Emily & Michael | Frankfort Avenue

Emily & Michael | Frankfort Avenue

Tip #4

relaxation & pampering

We're putting these together because we feel that they go hand-in-hand.  Ladies - treat yo self!!  Head over to your local style bar and get pampered by having your hair & makeup done.  (We recommend Primp Style Lounge in Louisville or Cincy Style Bar in Cincinnati) Part of having a great experience during your engagement session is feeling your best.

Do something before you session that is relaxing.  Whether that be grabbing a cocktail or glass of wine at your favorite spot, having a massage, or taking a stroll.  Choose something that will make you feel at peace.  Whatever you choose, just take a little bit of time to spend together doing something relaxing.

Bethany & Michael |  Brown Park

Bethany & Michael | Brown Park

Tip #5

Be Yourself 

These photos are about you!  Who you are as a couple.  How you interact, ways you show affection, and having fun together.  Keep that in mind and you can't go wrong.  There is no wrong way to laugh or to have fun together.  When you look at your photos, you want to see just who you are.  You want to see a reflection of you both as a couple.  These photos will serve as a reminder of this season of your life - being engaged and about to become husband & wife. 

Well, that's it!  Those are our top 5 tips for having an amazing engagement session and enjoying every minute of it.  An engagement session should be FUN!  If you'd like one of our super fun engagement sessions (psst...they're complimentary with every wedding collection!), let's chat.

Are you looking for some more tips for the wedding planning process?  Check out our post on when to book your photographer & head over to our post about wedding timelines to grab your FREE pdf with sample timelines!