3 Generations Take NYC | Personal

In October of 2015, Jessica and I took our mom and grandma, Nan, to New York City for the first time ever (for them at least).  Jessica and I had shot our 15th wedding of the year and immediately jumped in the car afterwards and headed out on our road trip.  Mom and Nan were flying in to Newark airport and would meet us there the next day.  The drive was beautiful with all of the leaves changing.  We stopped for the night in a small town in Pennsylvania.  Then that afternoon we arrived in New Jersey (if you can avoid it, I don’t recommend driving in Jersey City or New York City).  WE picked Mom and Nan up at the hotel where they had stayed the night before and headed to our apartment we had rented from AirBNB.com (tip: if you are going anywhere, especially a new place, for any length of time we highly recommend Air BNB. We have had nothing but success.  And more than likely your host will be super helpful and tell you how to get anywhere).

That night we had some Chinese food delivered and hung out and watched Monday Night Football because that's just how we roll in our family.

Tuesday, we all got ready and we headed out for our long day in NYC.  We easily walked up to the corner and caught a bus that took us to the Port Authority close to Time Square (tip: not every bus is the same, if you do this, ask your host to help you out.  Also, you should have exact change for the bus. And this is not a quick ride, the bus makes about a dozen stops.  The bus takes you under the Port Authority, so you have to find your way to the ground level to get out.)

From the Port Authority, we hopped on the subway and went down to Chelsea Market.  If you go to NYC, do this!  So many cool shops and restaurants.  We had a hard time deciding where to eat breakfast, but thankfully Jessica, being the awesome trip planner she is, had a place picked out.  We went to Sarabeth's (ironically enough my great-grandma used to call me Sarah Beth, since my middle name is Elizabeth).  The cafΓ© is a chain and we actually ate at another location a couple days later.  Then we went to another place in the Market called the Doughnutery.  They have mini gourmet doughnuts.

From the Market we headed to the Empire State Building.  And…we went to the top!  Eek!  It was scary.  Jessica is deathly afraid of heights, and I admit I get a little nervous myself.  But we did it, all of us.  Nan loved it.  She got to see the whole city.  It was so awesome being able to see a 360 view.

We then went to Grand Central Station, in my opinion, this is something you have to see if you go to New York.  It's just gorgeous.  There are a lot of shops and restaurants too.  We ate a late lunch at a little diner.

We were all getting pretty tired at this point but we still had some things to see.  So, we went to the Waldorf Astoria. (tip: if you need a bathroom break, the water closets at the Waldorf are exceptional) Jessica and I are rom-com junkies and one of our favorites is "Serendipity," which takes place partly at the Waldorf.  We dream of one day staying there, but a walk through the lobby was sufficient enough, for now.  Then we walked past Rockefeller Center and watched people ice skate for a bit and take some photos, and then went past Radio City Music Hall. 

11,000 steps!  That first day was the longest (tip: don't do it that way, we did too much walking the first day and kind of regretted it the next couple of days).

Stay tuned for days 2 and 3!