3 Generations Take NYC Part 3 | Personal

Well, by day 3 we were all pretty exhausted.  So, getting ready in the morning took even longer than the other days.  By the time we got to Sarabeth's in the Upper West Side it was about lunch time, but thankfully we still got breakfast.

We took our time this day.  After breakfast, we went to the Museum of Natural History. (tip: this is also free, or you can make a small donation, the ticket price listed online is just a suggested price.  We made a donation and basically just got a ticket for free.)  Mom and I went in the museum and Jessica and Nan decided to hang out in the park behind it.  The day was gorgeous and the museum didn’t really interest them.  Truthfully, Mom and I mostly wanted to see the exhibits that are seen in "Night at the Museum." 

After the Museum, we walked by The Dakota, where John Lennon lived and was killed, and Strawberry Fields.

Then we went to Serendipity 3.  (tip: if you can't find a subway station close to where you are or where you are going, take an Uber or Lyft, not a cab.  Cabs are way overpriced and some take the long way to get the most money out of you.)  [Insert HUGE happy face]  As I mentioned before, Jessica and I love the movie "Serendipity."  It has to be the one movie we could watch over and over and never get tired of it.  On our trip in 2014, we went for the first time and we got to sit at the table from the movie.  I thought Jessica was going to cry, she was so happy.  This trip we got to sit downstairs.  Mom and I got a regular frozen hot chocolate, and Nan and Jessica got a peanut butter frozen hot chocolate.  And because we love sweet and salty, we got french fries too.

From Serendipity we just strolled along looking at the buildings and people watching.  Somehow we ended up at the Flat Iron building.  We went into a tourist-y souvenir shop because why not.  Then we caught a subway train back to Time Square and got a couple of desserts from Carlo's Bakery.  Then we headed back to Jersey for our last night.

The fourth day wasn't too exciting.  We had to take Nan to the airport (Mom came home with us).  But before we did, we wanted to see the Statue of Liberty.  So, we drove out to Liberty Park in Jersey and walked out to the boardwalk to get a good view of the Statue and Lower Manhattan.  It was gorgeous.

Later that day, Jessica, Mom, and I headed out of Jersey City (I made it through rush hour traffic without killing us or anyone else) and began the long trek home.

All in all, the trip was a success.  There were a few things we didn't have time for, mostly because we didn't realize how long other things took or how long we were going to take to get out of the apartment every morning. 

Jessica and I plan to go back one day, and probably turn it into a movie tour of NYC.  We want to visit the places from all of our favorite New York movies and shows.

This trip was really important to Nan.  She is getting along in years and has been to many places but never to New York, so it was a privilege for us to take her there and get to experience all of this with her.  We made lasting memories and enjoyed every minute.